Brush Innovation Center

Sanderson MacLeod’s development center to provide unparalleled concept to production development capabilities.

Sanderson MacLeod’s new Brush Innovation Center (BIC) is now open and ready for use. The facility is located at the company’s corporate headquarters in Palmer, MA.


The state of the art facility is the ideal solution for bringing concept to reality and dramatically reducing the traditional time frame of brush development. Those utilizing the facility can collaborate directly with engineers and personal worldwide utilizing the large screen collaborative layout.


Dedicated sampling equipment is easily accessible in the next room where a finished product can be created in real time. With an engineer and the Sanderson MacLeod staff available at any time, no question is left unanswered. Revisions and changes can be made to the brushes right then and there. Once complete, a blueprint and quality control documentation will be ready for when production begins, therefore achieving “go to market” confidence faster than ever before.


Amenities of the BIC include a brand new meeting room and table, marble accents, large screen TV, comfortable business chairs, internet access and cameras for worldwide collaboration, and fully functional brush manufacturing machines visible through large sliding glass doors, all contained within the BIC. The engineering staff on hand is second to none with some of the best brush engineers in the world. Staff members with over 30 years of industry experience can help design a Medical, Cosmetic, Gun Care, Manufacturing, and General Cleaning brush utilizing high tech software and equipment.