Twisted Wire Brush Prototype Development

Have a brush idea?  Let’s build a prototype.


Sanderson MacLeod engineers have been creating twisted wire brush solutions for more than 50 years. In-house tooling and equipment manufacturing shortens prototype development time and ensures product confidentiality. It’s easy to begin the prototype development process. Call Sanderson MacLeod today at 866-522-3481 to get started.

If you have specifics about your brush prototype, including dimensions, you can fill out a Request a Quote form to start the prototype process.

Rapid Virtual Prototyping with SanMac 3D

We turned to the software used by major motion picture animators to allow us to produce realistic renderings of design prototypes that can be easily modified. The SanMac 3D software is less expensive and faster than traditional sampling methods, letting us create virtual twisted wire brush designs that offer 360-degree visibility and industrialization feasibility testing prior to prototype build-outs. By using this method, we maximize design creativity while saving time, money, and unnecessary delays. This technology, combined with our 60 years of experience and expertise, guarantees that development is quick, on budget, and ready for large-scale production.

Confidential Source
Sanderson MacLeod employs a closed-floor production model. Only our employees are allowed in the production area. This practice promotes high levels of confidentiality when proprietary brushes are manufactured. Brushes are never outsourced, mitigating risk of intellectual property theft or misuse.

Sanderson MacLeod’s Prototype Development Program

Sanderson MacLeod’s brush design assistance includes the following activities:

  • Blueprint development
  • Sample creation
  • Quality control specifications
  • Large-volume price incentives

Call Sanderson MacLeod today at 866-522-3481 to begin the twisted wire brush development process.