ZTIP Brush Applications

The Z-Tip is available for endoscope and duodenoscope cleaning brushes and cytology brushes. Sanderson MacLeod’s patent pending method for constructing the Z-Tip makes medical brushes smoother, stronger and safer.

Cytology Brushes


Only properly designed cytology brushes can optimize cell collection and ensure patient safety and comfort.  That’s why the Z-Tip cytology brush is revolutionizing this medical brush application.  Imagine the peace of mind knowing that the Z-Tip is always smooth and secure, with no risk of the core wire protruding through the tip or the tip separating from the brush.

Our state-of-the-art Z-Tip cytology brush mitigates these risks, because:

  • The tip cannot separate and the core wire cannot protrude through the tip.
  • The brush and tip are manufactured inline as one piece using high energy fusion technologies.
  • The Z-Tip surface is mirror-like smooth for improved patient comfort.
  • Since the core wire and Z-Tip are the same material, there are no biocompatibility issues.
  • All our medical brushes are FDA compliant
  • Our quality control uses an extensive system based upon ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Endoscope and Duodenoscope Cleaning Brushes


Endoscopy and Duodenoscope equipment are sensitive and expensive. Selecting the right duodenoscope and endoscope cleaning brush is critical to ensure safe and effective cleaning.  For example, using slightly oversized endoscopy brushes bend the bristles over, essentially eliminating mechanical abrasion.  Endoscopy brushes with too small a diameter fail to come into firm contact with the cleaning surface, leaving contaminants behind. Only perfectly sized and shaped brushes adequately remove debris and guarantee optimum endoscopy function.

Further, endoscope and duodenoscope cleaning brushes should have protective tips so the equipment is never scratched or scarred.  Traditional protective brush tips are fraught with problems including:

  • Core wires protruding through the tip surface and causing scratching, poking and scarring.
  • Tips falling off inside of equipment causing expensive repairs and delays.
  • Inconsistent tip size and orientation reducing overall protection.

The new and unique Z-Tip endoscope and duodenoscope cleaning brush is the answer, because:

  • Its surface is mirror-like smooth.
  • The tip cannot become separated.
  • The core wire cannot protrude through the tip.
  • Dimensions and orientations are consistent.

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