ZTIP Twisted Wire Brush Tip

The Z-Tip was created by and is only available from Sanderson MacLeod.  We are a leading large volume medical brush manufacturer and the leader in twisted wire brushes.


With our long history of invention, we constantly look for better ways to solve customer problems.  That’s why, knowing the flaws of existing medical protective brush tips, we set out to find a better way.

Searching beyond the brush industry, we found our answer in material joining engineering.  With many rounds of research, trials and testing; we devised a new manufacturing process using high energy fusion welding technologies.  The result?  We can now melt a pre-constructed core wire section of a twisted wire brush into a consistent, smooth and inseparable protective tip – The Z-Tip.  No other brush maker is doing anything like this.  

Not only does this process produce a mirror-like smooth surface, but…

  • The tip cannot fall off.
  • The core wire cannot protrude through the tip.
  • The dimensions and orientation are always consistent.
  • The Z-Tip twisted wire brush is created in one inline, fully automated process.
  • The Z-Tip reduces internal inspection time and costs due to its quality and consistency.
  •  By not creating scars that trap contaminants, the Z-Tip enhances duodenoscope and endoscope sterility.
  • The Z-Tip is available for all commonly used twisted wire medical brush applications.

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