"Sanderson MacLeod's engineers helped us bring a superior product to market on time and below targeted costs."
"Sanderson MacLeod saved our on time delivery record with the Federal Government."
"The engineers at Sanderson MacLeod reviewed our product and identified costly and unnecessary production steps that we didn't even know were part of the product to begin with."
"With Sanderson MacLeod's demand "pull" system, we have parts when we need them and we've reduced inventory costs at the same time."
"Sanderson MacLeod's large volume pricing discounts saved us a significant amount of money."
"Sanderson MacLeod is a "Dock to Stock" supplier for us. Their parts go right into our inventory without needing inspection and validation. This saves us a lot of money."
"The Sanderson engineers found ways for us to reduce the number of different brushes we were purchasing by consolidating specifications and making multi-use brushes."
"With our previous supplier the inconsistency in brush diameters was destroying expensive molds. Sanderson MacLeod fixed the problem and produced large lots to specification."
"We believe in American manufacturing. Sanderson’s competitively priced, exclusively made U.S.A products were a natural choice."
"You guys never sleep! Thank you for getting me out of a jam when most other companies were closed for the day."
"Just delivered the new brush parts to my customer. Perfect! Thanks for being our supplier behind the supplier!"
"Sanderson’s ability to hold tight tolerances on gun brushes set them apart."

Innovative Contract Manufacturing of Twisted Wire Brushes

Sanderson MacLeod is the leading domestic contract manufacturer of large volume twisted wire brushes.

Specializing only in twisted wire brushes, Sanderson MacLeod has been innovating new twisted wire brush applications for wholesale cosmetic brushes, medical brushes, gun cleaning and industrial brushes for more than 50 years.

Sanderson MacLeod’s engineering design assistance, customized inventory control and on time delivery allow their customers to save money, be more competitive and maximize profits. Discover today why world class companies choose only Sanderson MacLeod as their twisted wire brush source.

Sanderson MacLeod Mass Chamber Employer of Choice 2012